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Save and Share YOUR Images with Notes as a single .GRAB Collection File.

Do you need to save and share multiple Images with Notes? Simplify this process by having Images with Notes saved together in one single file!

“SNAP GRAB” is the innovative Camera app that combines multiple images as a collection into a single file and allows you to easily share them with others. The app also allows adding notes, URLs, or any other details to add more relevance to the images.

GRAB multiple Images to your device Camera. Save and Share Image Collections as .GRAB files. Generate Documents for Image Collections.

Add multiple Images to create a GRAB Collection. Add Notes for each Image and generate documents with Images and Notes. Save and Share multiple photos in a single file.

GRAB Images from Camera, QR Codes, Phone Gallery, URL. Create QR codes for any Image content.

Double Tap any Image to Add Notes or a URL for details about the Image. Save and Share GRAB Collections. Generate Documents with Images and Notes. Export them into documents and organize them better.

How it Works?

  • Simply generate a picture from Camera, Phone Gallery, QR Code ,URL, .GRAB file.
  • Add multiple Images as required to create your Image Collection on the same screen.
  • Arrange your Image Collection as required (move and resize with finger gestures).
  • Double Tap Image to add Notes.
  • Save. Send.
  • Choose to generate a Word or PDF document with the Images and Notes.
  • Use a Phone or the Web App to open .GRAB files.

Features of SNAP GRAB

  • Safe, Secure and Private Interactive Content Viewer, QR Scanner and AI Image Background Remover.
  • Add/View Notes, Links, and Locations to any Image content.
  • Combine multiple Images into a single GRAB Collection.
  • Convert GRAB collections into Documents (Word or PDF Format)
  • Save and Share .GRAB Collection Files.
  • Web App to Open and Create .GRAB Files.
  • Simple yet powerful interface and app controls.
  • Move, scale and resize Images to position as required.
  • Two-in-one image capture and photo background eraser app.
  • Save the no background images as transparent PNGs.
  • Compatible with GRAB QR Codes.

The ultimate innovative app for combining single or multiple images and notes in one place!

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